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Business Development Stories: Digital Advertising in Logistics

I started my journey with GLS in February 2023, we the mission was quite plainly: Building a new digital business for GLS, one of the worlds largest logistics companies – #Advertising in Logistics. That was 14 months ago.

This is the story of how a logistics company became a digital advertising publisher. 😎

The immense attention of people (= so called consignees) waiting for their parcel on the digital channels of GLS – this was our starting point. I began with introducing our first traditional banner-style product version to dozens of GLS shippers (good old cold sales like back in the days) – we quickly realized we need to change the approach and think in new ways to make this scalable and to create an attractive ad product: The ad market is certainly not waiting for us, we needed to innovate to become relevant.

By completely changing the product design approach of GLS parcel tracking, convincing our Management Board to follow this path and to open up the strategy also to Non-GLS Customers as potential advertisers, I found us an amazing partner for this new venture: Publicis Media, one of the largest media networks in the world.

#Spotlight, how we call this ad product, innovates advertising in logistics by seamlessly integrating a delightful, immersive ad into our redesigned GLS parcel tracking experience. Capturing over 900,000 daily impressions across the country, Spotlight reaches every single German household. Our platform utilizes e.g. interest-based or zipcode-based (hyperlocal) targeting, providing a sophisticated advertising solution.

Today we went live with the first Spotlight campaign via Publicis Media, and with a great brand with an even greater interactive creative on our advertising platform (see below).