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Sometimes it works with trust – an inspiring Corona story

It is not that there is a need for more coverage on Corona. In these times, crises and unfortunate business consequences for different industries are lurking around every corner. Digitalisation and new digital business models will be even more top priority across all sectors. However, there are enough scare reports of this kind and I certainly don’t want to shock anybody additionally – if it still shocks after the first 3 weeks of the shutdown. It does shock me, though. Rather, I would like to report on a case that is based on the well-known quote: there is a chance in every crisis.

My good friend Lucas Pulkert, an excellent entrepreneur and long-time CEO of the fashion company von Jungfeld, suffered from the crisis, as he was of course strongly affected by stationary trade via retailers in addition to their online sales channels. You can certainly think more or less creatively about changing your business model, i.e. pivot, to respond to such existing threats. So they sat down and thought.

Lucas explains it best himself (with me commenting here and there): „Since 3 days we have turned our whole concept upside down and are now selling mouth-nose masks to end customers, the industry and the public sector, and as it looks, not completely unsuccessful. (The contrary is true :))
In the end, real change only happens out of real need – just because our sales have fallen off so much, we have now found this way that seems to work for us.

Our greatest insight besides all the interesting insights:
We offer a donation mask for 1 cent for people in need. Together with BeWooden (von Jungfeld’s production partner) we have been thinking for a long time whether we should include an inspection (who should do this and how should it be done?) and how we can row back in this campaign if it is taken advantage of. In the end we decided against any kind of exam, according to the motto ‚we cross that bridge when we get there‘.

Result: We sold twice as many 1+1 masks as donation masks and are now in the great position to give masks to non-profit organizations.
Sometimes it also works with trust.“

No further words needed except maybe: support this one or similar campaigns!