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Why I make noodles now…

Working in abstract spheres of IT, B2B sales, phone calls, home office and seemingly ever-lasting to do lists, can be exhausting and debilitating. Next to the ambition of starting a little consulting business named rubiconcepts (see my last posting), I decided to do something that couldn’t be thematically further away: a restaurant. One that serves Japanese dishes. One in which we make our own produce. One in which the to do list is not quite minimalistic but rather very practical and, most importantly, you see your output within minutes:
You buy foods, you create a meal, you bring it to your customer, he pays for it, done. How easy of a working process is that – compared to all this multilayered office work done online? It is very enjoyable and transports a completely different feeling of „getting something done“.

I am very proud to announce that together with two colleagues (from the gastronomical industry, thank god!) I will open a Ramen Restaurant in Mannheim, Germany on the 21th of November. Pop-up restaurants like ours are temporary restaurants. Such projects often take place in the most diverse and unconventional locations – a private home, a former factory or during festivals.

In our case, we will be at the Beilerei (address: Beilstraße 14; 68159 Mannheim), or better, pitch our tents in the bar and serve our soups and, of course, warm and cold drinks during the Christmas season!
Our project „Ramenstube“ aims to serve delicious and high-quality soups, Japanese Ramen, and combine the German coziness with Japanese cuisine. We want to show that these countries are also culinary at the same latitude… find more info on our Website or on Facebook and Instagram!
Photo by Patrick Stegmaier (www.patrick-stegmaier.de)
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