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Guest @ISGS Networking Dialogue

„In 2018, the Department of International Affairs: ISGS of Kaiserslautern University once more invites high flying executives from internationally renowned companies to present step stones of global careers to PhD candidates. These networking dialogs highlight the professional and personal competencies required in the industry, and give hints for assistance within decision-making processes. In the course of this informal meeting the young researchers will have the opportunity to present their own career plans and receive honest feedback.“

Talking to students @TU Kaiserslautern

I was invited to join a group of Master thesis / PhD students, talking for two hours about where I come from, how I got there and how digital transformation and its technologies are impacting traditional industries (most of them were studying with an engineering or manufacturing focus). It was a pleasure to get some feedback and maybe inspire some of them, definitely letting them know that entrepreneurial mindsets from international students are incredibly important in German society! Happy to join them again next time…

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