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New Publication on Digital Transformation

Out now – I have contributed a chapter together with Co-authors Alexander Fridhi and Michael Neidhoefer in „Management of the Digital Transformation“ called:

„Understanding digitization as a flight – a framework approach for the Digital Transformation of SMEs“

Available on the Publisher’s Website and on Amazon!


Digitization has a significant impact on the activities of nearly all organizations. In this context, it is no longer a question of whether digitization influences existing activities of organizations. Rather, the question arises in which areas and to what extent this influence takes place and how the effects on the changes in work, organizational and market structures and the associated processes and strategies can be adequately dealt with. In light of these observations, the aim of the book is to address the topic of digital transformation from the point of view of management research and practice. This is intended to illuminate the multifaceted phenomenon of digital transformation from as many different perspectives as possible.

„Management of the Digital Transformation“ Cover (2018) by Volker Lingnau (Editor), Gordon Müller-Seitz (Editor), Stefan Roth (Editor)
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