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My year so far – personal insights & new beginnings

Part 1 – Insights for my „new work“ world

As is probably the case for the vast majority of people, the last 12 to 18 months have been a turning point that has led to reflection, rethinking and self-reflection. How do I best spend my time, with what activities? How can I make my small contribution to a new, post-Corona world? For me, it is incredibly difficult to describe the feeling that has been driving me over the last few months. A kind of world-weariness, coupled with numerous factors in my little microcosm, plus an intense merging of work and professional life.

I have learned an incredible amount about myself and insights for my new working world:

  • I used to work from abroad (Italy, Spain & Portugal) and used to think there was nothing better than being a „digital nomad“ – it turned out that it can’t be a complete solution for me;
  • creative processes and people management don’t work virtually for me even in the short term, so a working world has to be structured in a maximum hybrid way
  • just because you are in a foreign place, which you usually associate with holidays, does not mean that it has to be good and suitable to work there – on the contrary, I have rarely been able to separate the feelings, the „vibes“, well, and have often been unproductive because of this
  • a kind of weariness can quickly spread, because one usually associates anticipation with a holiday destination; if one is there anyway and works and lives there, euphoria can quickly level out
  • Experiencing social interaction almost exclusively virtually can subsequently lead to inhibitions in real interaction; one loses the feeling for non-verbal communication, can quickly become insecure and wants to withdraw behind the screen again.
  • Digital detoxing is more important than ever; not drawing clear boundaries, on the contrary, letting the boundaries between work and non-work become completely blurred, is extremely dangerous and led to complete burnout in my case.

Part 2 – Simplicity is the new luxury 

Completely lacking in energy, I had to retreat over the summer and initially didn’t know where to go with myself. A holiday by the sea and on the island? I had already worked there, so that didn’t promise to recharge the batteries. In addition, an intense feeling of searching for peace and nature had spread over the past time. I couldn’t be bothered with big cities, noise and hustle and bustle. The less the better – I decided to wander a bit alone through Italy and visit a monastery hidden in the mountains of Umbria.

Copyright eremito.com

The concept – in simplicity lies the new luxury. Overindulgence and availability are everywhere, and the fewer choices and temptations, the better to switch off. Marcello Murzilli, the founder of „Eremito – a contemporary monastery„, an incredibly inspiring person, has created something great for solo travellers out of an old monastery ruin. Silence, finding peace, wandering, being with yourself and reflecting, reading. In a cell of 9 square metres, vegetarian, home-grown food and water and a little wine – that’s how you spent your days. It was an incredibly intense, insightful but also difficult short time in this oasis of seclusion, and I am still processing what it did to me.

Part 3 – Bye bye Corporate, hello Social Entrepreneurship!

Consequently, I decided to change my career once again in the course of the last few months. After more than 2 years at the international law firm Osborne Clarke, I will join the operational management of KRF – KinderRechteForum and lead and develop the organisation together with the founder Üwen Ergün. After my years in the classic start-up universe, via the insights into a traditional industry & corporate environment, I decided to continue on my path and combine a purpose with entrepreneurial activity – with the KRF as an investment, it was obvious to bundle my energy there and develop a social entrepreneurship company from the classic non-profit enterprise.

Üwen & me

I am very much looking forward to this task and have the feeling that I will be able to convert the insights and experiences from the past months and years into new projects in the best possible way and make my contribution – as an entrepreneur with a real purpose that I can stand behind. The topic of social entrepreneurship is also important to me in order to bring about a change in thinking among others. The first question from most people I told about it was: „And how do you make your money now?“ Well, by being entrepreneurial, developing business models and doing good work – just like everyone else. Just in an environment that most entrepreneurs have never considered before. Doing good work and earning good money with it – and telling a story about it to inspire others, that’s what I’m trying to do.